Tuesday, 29 January 2013


photo-penMy granma gave me a pen at the new year party. It’s awesome and it was a perfect timing because I was writing a letter to meet one expert designer.

Thanks to the pen maybe, I met the great graphic designer last Thursday. It was really exciting moment and scary at the same time because he is the designer I wanted to see for long time. To tell the truth, I failed. I got too much tense and nerves so that I hardly talked when I showed some of my works. I was just surprised I was such a coward guy. Though I know this is just an excuse, that was the first time for me to show my works of graphic design to an expert in graphic design. Ok, I should accept the realty. That’s what happened to me anyway. I failed. But maybe I didn’t. Because He tried to understand what I wanted to say and told me about his thought towards graphic design. Yeah he was really gentle.

Some mistakes and some success. That’s the challenge. I got many good things. I won’t stop.






Wednesday, 2 January 2013


snake2013Happy new year!!

Each year has its own animal as a symbol in Japan just like Chinese culture. The symbol of this year, 2013, is a snake. And Japanese people send a new year card one another. People who have digital devices send greeting messages over the internet these days rather than the post though. The image above is the new year card I sent this year.

This blog had been only in Japanese but I’d like to write in English as well from this year by the way.



Nami a.k.a Hiro